About Namibia

The birthplace of our own Safari Expert, he knows the vast deserts and untouched landscapes of Namibia better than most. The dramatic Namib-Naukluft National Park alone covers an area more than half the size of Ireland, and the stresses of modern life could not seem further away.

One of the last places on earth where the black rhino roams free, you’ll be able to witness one of nature’s rarest and most wonderful creatures. Teeming with game reserves and sanctuaries, Namibia also holds one-quarter of the world’s cheetah population. A land of stark contrasts, nothing matches riding through the silence of the Kalahari Desert to reach the dramatic and roaring Skeleton Coast.

When to go

Dry season lasts from June to October. Summers can be very hot in Namibia from November to May, then you can expect spectacular thunderstorms

Five reasons to visit

  • Largest population of free-roaming black rhino
  • Over 50% of its land is used for conservation
  • The challenge of climbing Sossusvlei’s sand dunes
  • Home to 75% of Africa’s cheetahs
  • The dramatic Skeleton Coast

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