About Maldives

The ultimate destination to feel cut off from the rest of the world, the Maldives is the long-standing champion of exclusive luxury. Famous for its overwater villas and water so calm and clear it appears to be a sea of glass instead.

The Maldives is a vision of paradise for all beach lovers. Made up of 99% coral reefs, most of the Maldives’ wonders lay under the ocean’s surface. Add a bit of adventure to your holiday and swim out to Hammerhead point. Located on the outer reef, it’s famous for swimming with hammerhead sharks and the occasional visiting dolphin.

When to go

The dry season is from March to December, with very little change in temperature throughout the rest of the year.

Five reasons to visit

  • Exclusive resorts cut off from the world
  • Crystal-clear Indian Ocean waters
  • Gorgeous white sand beaches
  • One of the world’s best places to see whale sharks
  • Home to the world’s first underwater restaurant on Rangali Island

Suggested Itineraries