About Sri Lanka

Rainbow-coloured fish, sea turtles and whales can be found just off the coast, while Asian elephants roam the ancient forests of Sri Lanka. Don’t worry about having to cover huge distances to see all these incredible creatures, Sri Lanka is an island smaller than Ireland.

The hassles of modern life have stayed off Sri Lankan shores in spite of its growing popularity with tourists. Covered in Buddhist temples and swathes of ancient forests, Sri Lanka has a colorful history and culture to match its wild side. Few places in the world are home to leopards, and fewer still have them roaming free in their natural habitat. As you can expect from an island in the Indian Ocean, you’ll find a patch of palm-backed perfection here in this beach lover’s paradise.

When to go

The dry season in the south-west of the island is November to April, and May to October in the northeast, making Sri Lanka a year-round destination.

Five reasons to visit

  • A rare stronghold for wild leopards
  • Asian elephants a common sight in Uda Walawe
  • Whale watching, scuba diving and surfing along the coast
  • 12% of the island dedicated to wildlife protection
  • Home to over 400 species of bird

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