About India

Not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about a safari, but the beautiful and extraordinary nation of India is the world’s tiger stronghold. Between its bustling cities and massive mountain ranges are lands of absolute silence, where some of nature’s rarest creatures can be found.

From the snow-capped Himalayas to flat golden beaches and everything in between, it will take a few trips for you to experience all India has to offer. India’s architectural infrastructure reflects its Hindu and Buddhist roots, as seen in the astonishing Taj Mahal and Buddhist monasteries, while wildlife parks display local wildlife such as the Bengal Tiger. India succeeds in rolling diverse cultures, spiritualism, and scenery all into one unforgettable experience.

When to go

The dry season is from October to March with April and May becoming increasingly hot. Although national parks are closed during monsoon season (June to September), this is a special time for practicing yoga.

Five reasons to visit

  • Home to 75% of the world’s wild tiger population
  • Over 1,300 species of bird
  • Rare wildlife like Asiatic lion and the Indian rhinoceros
  • One of few places on Earth home to snow leopards
  • Home to 11% of the world’s plant species

Suggested Itineraries