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Whether you want to experience all-out luxury or get as close to nature as possible, everyone’s safari experience is tailor-made. Andre, The Safari Expert has experienced everything from tracking the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti to spending time with indigenous African tribes.

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When should I go on Safari?

Dry season in the Western Cape, Garden Route & Eastern Cape OCT to MAY. Winter JUN to SEP can be wet & cold, however this is whale-watching season and excellent value for money.

Dry season in the Kruger and KwaZulu Natal regions MAY to OCT. Winters here can be cold, however along the Indian Ocean coast from Durban to Mozambique it is the ideal time for a vacation.

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Dry season JUN to OCT and you should book well in advance. Summers can be very hot and from NOV to MAY you can expect spectacular thunderstorms.


Dry season MAY to OCT with peak season rates, so it can be expensive. NOV to APR, prices are much lower, birding is excellent and you may expect the odd shower.


Dry season JUN to OCT, which also coincides with the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara. APR & MAY are the long rains with fewer visitors. Located so close to the Equator, temperatures rarely vary throughout the year.


Dry season JUN to OCT as in Kenya with Kilimanjaro trekking best in FEB & OCT. MAR to MAY are the long rains and you may find many Zanzibari hotels are closed over this period. The annual wildebeest migration will vary in location, so please ask if you are keen to see this natural wildlife spectacle.


Dry season OCT to MAR with APR & MAY increasingly hot. JUN to SEP is considered monsoon season with national parks closed, however for those looking to practice Yoga or Ayurveda, the monsoon is a very special time to cleanse mind, body and spirit.


Dry season NOV to APR in the southwest and MAY to OCT in the northeast. Sri Lanka really is a year-round destination, however with two distinct wet seasons, it is imperative you focus your travels on the right side of the island at the right time of year!

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Dry season MAR to DEC. Mauritius enjoys a warm, subtropical climate all year round and if you ask the locals, MAY to OCT are their favourite two months. Surfing is best from JUN to AUG, scuba diving best from DEC to MAR and the highest rainfall usually occurs JAN & FEB.


Dry season DEC to MAY. With very little change in temperature during dry or wet season, you can visit the Maldives all year-round. The best weather is from JAN to MAR and from JUN to AUG you can expect thunderstorms and torrential rain as the Southwest Monsoons sweeps over the region.


About The Safari Expert

Mission: To provide you with a full wildlife experience by bringing you first-hand knowledge of the area, acting as your tour guide to some of the most isolated places on Earth, and getting you up close and personal with nature.

The Safari Expert is a leading boutique travel agent, focusing on luxury safari experiences across Eastern and Southern Africa, the Indian sub-continent, and the Indian Ocean. Headed by André Migliarina, the Safari Expert is here to inspire and help tailor-make your trip to your individual needs. From Namibia originally and having travelled to 13+ countries, no one knows the safari destinations like Andre.

I have been fortunate enough to experience the magic of many distant lands, peoples, and cultures enough times to allow me to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Above all, my only priority is to deliver exceptional, tailor-made, and inspirational experiences to my clients.” – André Migliarina, the Safari Expert

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